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Rooms required
Equipment required
17:00 – 22:00
Conditions of hire
1. Applications for bookings must be made on the hall booking form. The signatory will be responsible for the hire charge. The premises may only be used for the purpose stated on the form.
2. A key holder must be nominated who is responsible for collecting and returning the key to the nominated committee member. Lost keys will be subject to a charge of £10 for replacement.
3. Hirers are responsible for maintaining good order. Due regard must be paid to other users and local residents. Hirers must not discriminate on the grounds of age, sex, disability, colour, race, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation or religion.
4. Hire charges will be in accordance with the pricing policy operating at the time of let.
5. Hirers are responsible for avoiding wasteful use of utilities. If a Hirer fails to turn off lights and appliances, an extra utility charge may be payable to cover costs.
6. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that equipment or property brought onto the premises is in a safe and sound condition and complies with all relevant safety regulations.
7. The Hall Committee reserves the power to cancel any booking at any time and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such cancellation.
8. Cleaning. Hirers must leave the premises tidy and clear of waste. If Hirers leave any part of the Hall dirtier than normal wear and tear then an extra charge for cleaning will be raised.
9. Waste Disposal. Bins are provided for normal waste but Hirers are responsible for taking away and disposing of their own bottles, cans and waste from parties. (There is a bottle bank in Alexandra Park). If excess waste is left in the Hall or grounds, a charge for disposal will be raised.
10. Damage. The premises will be checked on handover and any damage billed to the user.
11. Insurance. Without limiting any other aspect of these conditions, the Hirer will indemnify the Hall Committee from and against all actions and claims, including loss of property belonging to Hirers or users. Hirers are strongly advised to take out suitable insurance.
12. Catering. If Hirers are involved in the commercial (I.e. paid) provision of food or drink, they must provide a signed statement that they accept full liability for any claims arising from that provision and that they hold public liability insurance of at least £5m, plus a list of food and drink being supplied.
13. Use of Kitchen Equipment. Hire charges for the kitchen include the use of appropriate kitchen equipment. First time users must attend a briefing session in advance.
14. Booking Times. Timings must be based on the complete period of access including setting-up and clearing away. The Hall is normally bookable for use from 6 am to midnight (no noise after this).
15. Heating. Heating throughout the Hall is automatically provided from October to May. Depending on weather conditions, the Committee may provide heating at other times. 16. Chairs and Tables. When chairs and tables are booked, access will be provided to the storage trolleys. Users are esponsible for returning all chairs and tables to the storage trolleys.
17. Damage/Problems. Users are asked to report any damage or problems as soon as possible.
18. Complaints. Any complaints should be directed to the Chairman of the Hall Committee.
19. Sale of Alcohol. The Hall is not licensed for the sale of alcohol. Users wishing to sell alcohol are wholly responsible for arranging their own licence.
20. TV Licence. The hall does not hold a TV licence. Users wishing to use TV/video must have their own licence.